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JSC Vladisart

JSC Vladisart is a diversified enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture, trade and services of the filtration equipment and consumables, and also of the related equipment for different spheres of life.

For almost twenty-five years JSC Vladisart has been delivering high-tech equipment and consumables. Quality of this equipment has been approved by many international and Russian certificates and also by the operating experience of more than 1 000 Russian companies.

JSC Vladisart is a company with its own manufacturing site.  Our products are manufactured according to our technical requirements and their quality is acknowledged by certification authorities.

All medicine-applicable products are certified by the Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Declaration of Conformity of the certification authorities, Certificates of Conformity of the Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008). The Certificate of Conformity certifies that our Quality Management System is applied to manufacturing, distribution and services of filter elements from micro- and ultrafiltration membranes and vacuum, pressure and cross-flow filtration equipment (Registration Nr. POCC RU.ИК28.R00064).

Our products have been successfully applied in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries.

JSC Vladisart manufactures high-tech laboratory equipment and water treatment systems as well as modern daily solutions for fluid management, filtration and fermentation.

Our reliability is a powerful brand which has been standing for quality and innovation in research works for many decades.

List of products

by JSC Vladisart includes:

Filter elements and materials:

  • Membrane filters of different materials for micro- and ultrafiltration processes;
  • Filter sheets;
  • Renewable filter elements (filter cartridges, filter capsules, filter cassettes) for the prefiltration and sterile filtration of liquids, air and gases;

Laboratory Equipment:

  • Equipment for the micro- and ultrafiltration of liquids;
  • Systems and materials for the microbiological control of liquids and gases (devices for vacuum and crossflow filtration, nutrient media, colony counters);
  • Sterility control systems for pharmaceutical production.

Systems and equipment for the use in laboratories:

  • Weighing scales;
  • Moisture analyzers;
  • Shakers;
  • Homogenizers;
  • Incubators;
  • Centrifuges;
  • Thermostats;
  • pH-meters;
  • forceps;
  • Dosing systems by Sartorius Biohit;
  • Laboratory vacuum pumps and compressors;
  • Ultrapure Water Systems Arium® for laboratories and hospitals;
  • Filtration Systems for the production of purified water and water for injections in accordance with the Russian pharmacopeial descriptions.

Large-scale equipment:

  • Micro- and Ultrafiltration Systems for the separation and concentration of biological products (blood products, sera, vaccines, bacteriophages);
  • Filtration systems for the production of depyrogenized injection solutions;
  • Water treatment systems for the production of drinking, industrial  and pharmaceutical water;
  • Filters for cleaning of air, steam, process gases;
  • Stainless steel filter holders for the systems with capsules, cassettes, and disk filter membranes;
  • Single-use systems for the mixing, sterile storage and transporting of biological fluids;
  • Filter integrity testing systems Sartocheck® for the integrity control of membrane filters and filtration systems;
  • Laboratory, pilot and scale-up bioreactors from 0,5 – 500 liters (stationary and single-use);
  • Pressure vessels with capacity from 3 - 100 liters with trolleys;
  • Storage tanks (movable);
  • Filtration systems for the clarifying and sterilizing filtration of beer, wine, water and other beverages;
  • Filtration systems for the processing of industrial oil and hydraulic fluids;
  • Metal detectors and X-ray inspection.

Close cooperation with our clients allows us to meet their most demanding claims. JSC Vladisart has more than 1000 partners among the companies and enterprises around Russia and CIS.

Apart from the production and commercial activity JSC Vladisart renders technical services which include process inspection, development of requirements specifications, project development and monitoring, delivery of equipment, its adjustment, validation and maintenance. We offer our consulting and methodological services for the specialists in Russia and CIS. We also organize and carry out thematic seminars. JSC Vladisart has its own service center for the Ultrapure Water Systems Arium® and  Filter integrity testing systems Sartocheck®.

We are always ready to become your qualified partner and a reliable supplier of high-quality products.